Miny (26 years old)

Petite Cute and Sexy

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Miny

  • Age: 26

  • Nationality: Japanese

  • Height: 5'5"

  • Measurments: 28B-28-30

  • Figure: slim, curvy and tight

  • Skin Type: silky sumptuous and soft

  • Hair Colour: luscious brown

  • Eye Colour: exquisite black

  • Personality: cheeky fun and bubbly

  • Best Feature: my tight sexy figure

  • Massage Types: Body To Body, Erotic, Lingam, Nuru, Prostate

Give a nice welcome to our Miny, our lovely and exotic Japanese masseuse. Originally from Japan where she first became a masseuse and is highly experienced in the super erotic Nuru massage that originates from her homeland of Japan. Not only that but she also very talented when it comes to other forms of massage such as erotic, tantric, body to body, lingam, and a happy ending.

She has a lovely bright smile that can lighten up the dullest and darkest of days. Pure natural charm and a positive can-do attitude make certain she never leaves a client unsatisfied. She possesses a natural ability to help you feel at ease and become fully relaxed for your treatment. Miny is naturally very sensual and quiet yet has a very mischievous naughty side to her just waiting to be let out.

She will happily whisk you away to that happy place where you can be free to be who you want and relax from the stresses of daily life. Her tightly toned body with its feminine curves make saying no to Miny very hard indeed. This coupled with her attentiveness and natural desire to please make Miny a real sassy little bombshell. Being alone with this flirtatious and charismatic young woman is a true blessing.

We couldn’t possibly imagine a better way for you to unwind from a hectic hard day that to be greeted by such a beautiful and captivating creature. Who’s only desire is to serve your needs and please you. Once this stunningly exotic masseuse begins to work her relaxing and magical hands all over your body releasing tension and pressure allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this remarkable and enduring once in a lifetime experience.


Niky (24 years old)

Seductive Alluring and Sassy

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Niky

  • Age: 32

  • Nationality: Korean

  • Height: 5'9"

  • Measurments: 30A-28-30

  • Figure: sleek slim and slender

  • Skin Type: glowing delicate and soft

  • Hair Colour: Luscious black

  • Eye Colour: hypnotizing black

  • Personality: Sassy seductive and outgoing

  • Best Feature: My mesmerizing eyes

  • Massage Types: Erotic, Lingam, Nuru, Tantric

Say hi to Niky everyone. She is a heavenly little treasure with a warm heart and personality to match. This Korean gem of a masseuse is not only well educated and sassy but has also had extensive training in various types of massage from her homeland of Korea before coming to HK and joining us at Bitto Spa.

Niky is as friendly and charming as the day is long with the added exception of being able to make those long days seem much brighter and better. Her dedication to the art of massage is highly admirable and her strive for perfection when pleasuring clients is more than admirable. Niky refuses to leave any client unsatisfied and has developed the skill set to make sure this never happens to anyone client of hers.

Her down to earth personality in tandem with her feminine beauty and supple soft skin make her a real pleasure to be around and makes seeing her go after your massage that bit much harder to accept. But as we all know all good things do come to an end., but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it all over again!

If you’re not intimidated by a sensually good looking woman who oozes as much charm and class as she does sex appeal, then what more could you possibly want? If you dare to indulge in the most luxurious massage treatment, then we suggest you don’t wait around and call now to book your unforgettable time with Niky.


Mimi (26 years old)

Adorable Charming and Sweet

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Mimi

  • Age: 26

  • Nationality: Korean

  • Height: 5'6"

  • Measurments: 30B-28-30

  • Figure: tidy slim and supple

  • Skin Type: silky and luscious

  • Hair Colour: Shiny black

  • Eye Colour: mesmerising black

  • Personality: cute shy and bubbly

  • Best Feature: my warm bright smile

  • Massage Types: Erotic, Nuru, Outcall, Prostate, Tantric

Gentlemen say Hello to Mimi our adorable and elegant Masseuse. A delightful and outgoing young woman who thoroughly enjoys life and the finer things in it. Her glowing smile captivates anyone who gazes upon her. This cute kitten is a real breath of fresh air that’ll no doubt have you wanting to come back for more. Sensual, erotic and captivating is just a few of the words we’d use to describe her with.

Mimi is a genuinely caring person with a lust for life and the pleasures in it. Her warm, sweet and friendly personality allow her to have you fully relaxed with absolute ease in no time at all. Mimi’ is skilled in all forms of erotic and tantric massage and is extremely gifted in this area. simply put cannot wait to show how good her massage skills are.

This seductive and provocative alluring woman will not only have you feeling nourished and refreshed but feeling like a new man.

Mimi is kind educated and sassy a true bundle of joy and pleasure rolled into one. Her sweet alluring personality will help you relax before this sassy little gem takes you to places you never imagined or thought possible. Just sit back and watch and this raven-haired beauty uses her petite figure will tease you tantalizingly until your body feels things you never thought it could. She’ll whisk you away to a world of unforgettable and unmatched pleasure, before gently bringing you back down to earth with a smile!


Mai (26 years old)

Sophisticated Charming and Classy

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Mai Kytamura

  • Age: 26

  • Nationality: Chinese

  • Height: 5'7"

  • Measurments: 30C-28-20

  • Figure: slender slim and perky

  • Skin Type: glossy soft and tender

  • Hair Colour: Glittering Brown

  • Eye Colour: Sparkling Black

  • Personality: Intelligent,classy bubbly

  • Best Feature: My ability to make you smile

  • Massage Types: Erotic, Nuru, Outcall, Prostate, Tantric

Well, what can we say about Mai she really is in a league of her own. Her seductive good looks coupled with her charming and sophisticated personality make Mai a real pleasure to be around. And to top that off she’s also a highly skilled erotic masseuse, What an explosive combo!

Mai is one of our oldest masseuses here at Bitto Spa but don’t let that deter you in any way what so ever. She has plenty of experience in numerous massage techniques and is one of our best masseuse’s hands down. She has a lovely friendly warm smile and lovely innocent brown eyes that capture your eye immediately which makes it hard to look anywhere else even if you wanted to.

If you’re seeking the magical hands of a true beauty then Mai is perfect for you, her slim figure is accentuated with her curves she possesses pure natural sex appeal with a friendly laid back attitude. If you have ever longed for the company of a classy masseuse with all the right know how then what could be more perfect for you. Escape the mundane realities of life with a voyage into Mai amazing little paradise of pleasure.

Just one look at her is all takes to know she emits class, elegance, and charm. Mai is the epitome of Asian beauty and is often described as awe inspiring. She also has the uncanny ability to make the toughest of men open up and smile.


Nina (22 years old)

Sumptuous Sultry and Elegant

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Nina

  • Age: 22

  • Nationality: Korean

  • Height: 5'8"

  • Measurments: 28B-28-30

  • Figure: trim delicate and petite

  • Skin Type: plush soft and limber

  • Hair Colour: Vivid black

  • Eye Colour: Dazzling Black

  • Personality: Fun, Bubbly and educated

  • Best Feature: my soft tender breasts

  • Massage Types: Erotic, Nuru, Outcall, Prostate, Tantric

Nina is our elegant and sumptuous oriental Korean goddess who oozes grace and elegance. A highly skilled masseuse whose talents match her looks and some. She also takes her role as a masseuse very seriously and enjoys nothing more than seeing her clients leave satisfied and with a smile. Her smile brightens up any day. She is as passionate about her role as a masseuse and the service her clients receive.

If you have ever yearned for the subtle soft and caressing touch of a sexy Asian goddess, then she is the perfect match for you. Leave your hectic and busy daily routine by the wayside as you indulge in the most luxurious massage experience ever with our Nina. Bring back some of the tranquillity to your life with the ultimate massage treatment. Nina is not only well educated polite friendly and gracious she’s also a real charmer with a real flair for eroticism and a real passion for pleasing her clientele.

Long legs and elegant curves give  her perfect mouth-watering figure. She’s quite friendly and positively sweet however don’t let her shyness hide the fact she has a real erotic naughty side. Her unique approach to her massage treatments makes Nina a firm favorite for many.

She is skilled in all forms of massage from erotic, tantric and nuru down to body to body lingam and the happy ending. If you desire a woman who knows how to make you experience untold pleasure then Nina couldn’t be more perfect for you, if you don’t believe us just pick up the phone and call her to find out for yourself.


Linda (30 years old)

Friendly Charming and Sweet

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Linda

  • Age: 30

  • Nationality: Korean

  • Height: 5'7"

  • Measurments: 30B-28_30

  • Figure: Slender and Petite

  • Skin Type: Pale and Soft

  • Hair Colour: Bewitching Black

  • Eye Colour: Alluring Black

  • Personality: Adventurous, Fun, Bubbly

  • Best Feature: My long enticing legs

  • Massage Types: Body To Body, Erotic, Lingam, Nuru, Prostate

Say hello to Linda one of our Thai masseuses offering the best erotic and tantric massage for gentlemen in Hong Kong. Her skills with erotic and tantric massage techniques are gentle and deep, thorough and sensual. She’s a fun and playful masseuse who is also very friendly and sweet. She not only radiates class but also an innocent charm too.

Your time spent with Linda will be casual, relaxing, full of fun and totally unforgettable! Allow her to release your stress and infuse energy into your life using her erotic massage techniques and tantric massage skills to take you to another world of pleasure. Linda’s aim is to provide you with the most pleasurable and spectacular erotic massage experience in Hong Kong.

We are in no doubt that you are in for real fun time with Linda who knows how to treat and pamper a man. She’s an educated well-mannered young lady who enjoys the finer things in life. She’ll not only welcome you with the warmest of smiles but will help you forget all your woes and have you feeling much more relaxed in no time, before letting you experience untold pleasures.

If you have ever yearned for the soft delicate touch of an erotic and sensual female? One who the mere thought of touching skin makes your heart skip a beat? Then Linda is the perfect masseuse for you. 


Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Amy

  • Age: 23

  • Nationality: Chinese

  • Height: 5'8"

  • Measurments: 30B-28-30

  • Figure: Slim and Athletic

  • Skin Type: Soft and Supple

  • Hair Colour: Brilliant Black

  • Eye Colour: Seductive Black

  • Personality: Bubbly, Fun, Outgoing

  • Best Feature: My cheeky cute smile

  • Massage Types: Body To Body, Erotic, Lingam, Nuru, Outcall, Prostate, Tantric

Amy (23 years old)

Outgoing friendly and bubbly

Welcome, our masseuse Amy who is originally from China. Amy has been a masseuse in HK for a while now and says she loves her job and the satisfaction she brings to her clients. Her sensuous good looks combined with a sweet joyful personality mean that you’ll surely smile when she comes to greet you at your door. Amy is a playful and outgoing kind of girl who enjoys life and helping to please others. Amy says her life’s mission is to make sure every can be as happy in their life as I am with mine.

She has been trained in numerous types of massage therapy which include but are not limited to erotic massage, Nuru massage, prostate massage, and even tantric massage, we’re sure she’ll be able to help you relax fully after a hard day at the office. And believe me, nothing will make you smile like she can. Not only does Amy bring a fun and playful demeanor but also offer an air of sophistication to any event. We are in no doubt that booking your massage with Amy will be unforgettable.

Her fun and outgoing personality mean that she can not only make you feel comfortable but relax with absolute ease knowing you’ll be treated like a king with her tending to your every need and desire. What could be more fun and enjoyable as our gorgeous Amy tending to your every need. Imagine me caressing every inch of your body with soft and gentle strokes with her hands as they glide sensually all over your body. And this is only the beginning of our journey of self-discovery with each other


Ada (26 years old)

Elegant Erotic and Divine

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Ada

  • Age: 26

  • Nationality: Japanese

  • Height: 5'7"

  • Measurments: 28A-28-32

  • Figure: Curvy and full figured

  • Skin Type: Silky and Supple

  • Hair Colour: Devilishly Dark Brown

  • Eye Colour: Majestic Black

  • Personality: Seductive and Erotic

  • Best Feature: my tight perky bum

  • Massage Types: Erotic, Nuru, Outcall, Prostate, Tantric

Ada is our Japanese alluring beauty with a tidy and tight petite figure. Ada is originally from Japan home to the most erotic and thrilling massages the Nuru Massage this once in a lifetime massage is the ultimate in pleasure. Ada has been a masseuse now for roughly 7 years now and couldn’t imagine herself doing any other job. A naughty temptress with subtle soft skin she not only enjoys meeting new people but aims to please even the most doubtful about massage therapy.

Ada is a real charmer with a super cute smile and a real passion for pleasing her clients. This has led her to become one of our most popular masseuses and it’s easy to see why. Her gracious personality and charismatic charm make a delight to be around, this combined with her seductively good looks makes it hard to say no to her. Ada is highly skilled in making people happy and in many types of massage such as erotic massage, tantric massage, nuru massage, lingam massage just to name a few. She’ll be able to more than make you relax and with ease. If she can’t make you smile we fear no one can.

Ada is more than capable of making all your wildest dreams come true and more. Her ability to make you feel at ease and relaxed is second to none. Now Just imagine this stunningly good looking lady prepare you for the ultimate in massage pleasure by smothering your body with hers as she uses nuru gel to help her soft skinned body glide sensually over yours. Slowly building up levels of excitement before bringing you crashing back down to earth with one heck of a smile.

So, guys if you are looking for the perfect masseuse for you then look no further because I’m the one to make sure you never forget your experience.