Helen (21 years old)


Quiet Classy and Seductive

Masseuse Details

  • Masseuse: Helen

  • Age: 21

  • Nationality: Japanese

  • Height: 5'7"

  • Measurments: 28C-30-32

  • Figure: Slim and Petite

  • Skin Type: Silky and soft

  • Hair Colour: Bewitching Black

  • Eye Colour: Brilliant Brown

  • Personality: Shy, fun,mischievous

  • Best Feature: My Captivating Eyes

  • Massage Types: Erotic, Nuru, Tantric

Say hi to Helen everyone, one of our sexy masseuses here at Bitto Spa. Helen has been a masseuse now for almost 3 years and in that time, she has become very skilled at what she does and she tells us she enjoys it very much. She’s not only passionate about what she does but also strive to be the best at it. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her clients totally relaxed when they visit to relieve their stresses and troubles of a hard day. She is a strong believer that massage therapy can help us all improve our daily lives by focusing on our physical and mental well-being.

Helen is an educated and cultured classy quiet girl, who has quite an adventurous side. She’s also highly talented at easing your aches and pains away with just the touch of my soft tender hands. Not only does she possess sex appeal and class but also a friendly and charming attitude. If you need to escape the stress of daily life, then look no further Helen has the looks to stop you in your tracks and massage skills that will have you reaching new heights and make sure you want to stay there.

She can provide you with a range massages including erotic massage, Nuru Massage, and Tantric Massage. Now what could be more tantalizing than the thought of her rubbing her soft delicate and silky skinned body sensually all over yours building up the excitement until your body shudders uncontrollably from the rush of pleasure you receive from here and let us tell you, it’s something you’ll never forget!